How do advertisers advertise?

How do advertisers advertise?

type:广告商帮助 time:2007-07-16 02:41:42

Step 1: register as an advertiser of the alliance;

Step 2: enter the management area to carry out [account recharge] operation, and choose online payment and bank remittance.

Step 3: after confirmation of the remittance, you can for operation, the new advertising 】 【 you want on the choice of the mode of AD and fill in writing advertising materials (such as the purchase of advertising quantity, unit price, the highest/elastic ratio, advertising address, type, etc.);

Step 4: after the administrator reviews and passes the advertising materials, your AD will be officially launched.

If you have any question, welcome to contact me, if you are not familiar with the operation process, you only need to tell us your request, our company will be free for you to customize a full range of advertising plan, maximum full play the effectiveness of advertising.