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Acknowledgement and acceptance of the cooperation agreement
BitCoins.Games Ad()The ownership and the right to operation of the cooperative projects providedBitCoins.Games AdAll. By completing the registration process and clicking on the choice "agree to the following service terms, submit the registration information" to indicate that you areBitCoins.Games AdThe website has signed this cooperation agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this cooperation agreement") and accepts all the relevant provisions, and indicates that you areBitCoins.Games AdMembers ("members of the alliance")。

Two. Description of the cooperation content and cost
BitCoins.Games AdAfter the member registration is successful, the system can be logged in and the related product code can be obtained. After the alliance members embed the product code from the system in their web pages, visitors to the site can get itBitCoins.Games AdProducts and / or related services provided.
BitCoins.Games AdAccording to the different billing methods of various products, the product traffic with the characteristic code of the alliance members is counted, and the flow direction is made.BitCoins.Games AdThe members pay the corresponding cost of cooperation. The income model and proportion of all kinds of products will be carefully read after logging in, and the cost of cooperation is paid.BitCoins.Games Ad()The standards issued on the website are accurate, unlessBitCoins.Games AdThere is a separate agreement with the members of the alliance and a written agreement is reached in this regard.BitCoins.Games AdYou have the right to change the product's income model, proportion and settlement strategy at any time according to the alliance strategy, and you agree to follow it all the time.

On violation and cheating
joinBitCoins.Games AdMembers must voluntarily abide by this cooperation agreement, such as the discovery of any violation or cheating,BitCoins.Games AdThe payment will be stopped and the membership of the alliance will be cancelled, and the right to be further investigated for legal liability will be retained.

The alliance code can and can only be placed under the domain name submitted by the alliance members, otherwise it is regarded as a violation. If you want to put the alliance code in multiple sites or domains, you must register all the launch in the "membership management center" after the registration is successful.BitCoins.Games AdThe domain name of the code.

Violations or cheating are included, but not limited to:
1. any form of split Code:
After successful registration and approval, the union members need to copy the code obtained from the alliance to the corresponding page without any form of code splitting.
2. increase traffic through invalid clicks made by manual and program manufacturing:
1) when the user visits the member website or the mouse through the alliance product, it automatically pops out the alliance product window.
2) by clicking on the proxy server, exchanging clicks and other false and invalid clicks that do not produce any benefits.
3) other invalid clicks;
All non - normal form of product, all behavior to induce or force users to click by words:
1) the improper way of delivery:
* all of the pages without substanceBitCoins.Games AdCode;
*Making product clicks in the form of E - mail.
2)Use text to induce, force users to click or download:

Such a description: "click here to become the VIP user of this station to get more resources free of charge."

Three. The registration rules of the alliance members
The management of the username of 1. members of the alliance:
A, the registration and use of the username of the alliance members must comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China and respect the ethics of the network.
B, members of the union shall not contain any username and threatening, abusive, vulgar, pornographic, obscene, profane, illegal, aggressive, hurt, harassing, defamatory, legitimate rights and interests of abusive or other infringement of information;
C, the members of the alliance may not embezzle in any way or impersonate the username of others;
D, if the members of the alliance violate the above provisions, they shall bear the corresponding legal consequences.BitCoins.Games AdIt has the right to take appropriate measures to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests when necessary.
Union members' accounts, passwords, and security: once you have registered successfully and throughBitCoins.Games AdAudit through, becomeBitCoins.Games AdThe legitimate member will get a password and username. The alliance members will be responsible for the security of the username and password, and the alliance members will be in the name of the username.BitCoins.Games AdAll the actions carried out are responsible for all. Members of the alliance must take good care of their usernames and passwords, and guard against theft or disclosure. If the account and password are stolen or leaked due to improper safekeeping, the members of the alliance will bear the consequences accordingly. If a member of the alliance finds any illegal use of a coalition member account or a security leak, it can be announced immediately.BitCoins.Games Ad以协助处理。
Provide detailed and accurate personal information, and constantly update the registration information, in line with the timely, detailed and accurate requirements. Real alliance member data will be used asBitCoins.Games AdThe basis for providing services and the prerequisite for legal protection by the members of the alliance. If the information provided by the members of the alliance contains incorrect information,BitCoins.Games AdThe right to stop paying for the members of the alliance, any loss caused by false information,BitCoins.Games AdIrrelevant,BitCoins.Games AdNo responsibility.

Four. Privacy policy
Whenever a member of the alliance providesBitCoins.Games AdWhen it comes to personal information,BitCoins.Games AdA reasonable step will be taken to protect the personal information of the members of the alliance.BitCoins.Games AdIt will also take a reasonable security means to protect the stored personal information. Because of the rapid development of Internet technology,BitCoins.Games AdIt will be updated and announced at any timeBitCoins.Games AdThe information secrecy system, except in the following three cases,BitCoins.Games AdIt is not possible to disclose, edit, or disclose the information of the alliance members without the authorization of the members of the legitimate alliance and other preservationBitCoins.Games AdConfidentiality in the content:
1) according to the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations;
2) the requirements on the authority of the authority;
Authorization of a member of the Alliance (including, if a member of the alliance requiresBitCoins.Games AdWhen providing specific services,BitCoins.Games AdThe names and addresses of the members of the alliance are required to provide the third party, such as the postal service unit, which is related to the association.

Five, suspension and termination of cooperation
BitCoins.Games AdThe right to suspend or terminate the cooperation will be retained on the basis of the cooperation effect of the members of the alliance.
Any classicsBitCoins.Games AdIdentify the members of the alliance that have violated the agreement.BitCoins.Games AdHave the right to decide whether to suspend or terminate the process of cooperation, for repeat offenders will be given to deal with the suspension of cooperation or termination of cooperation.
BitCoins.Games AdThe right to suspend or terminate this cooperation agreement unilaterally. But ifBitCoins.Games AdIf the single party decides to terminate, it shall be notified one month in advance. The form of the notice is in accordance with the provisions of the seventh article of this cooperation agreement.

Six, risk sharing
Members of the alliance will take on a certain risk by using this website:BitCoins.Games AdIt will not cause losses to members of the alliance due to the errors or technical or other uncontrollable causes of the members' information or other errors.

Seven. Notice
All notifications to members of the Union will be sent through the bulletin or e-mail of the web page. The modification of the terms of the agreement, the change of the service, or the notification of other important events will be carried out in this form.

Eight. Amendments to the terms of the agreement and the standard of tariff
BitCoins.Games AdIt is entitled to modify the contents of the terms of the cooperation agreement and the standard of cooperative tariff if necessary, and this modification is in conformity with the provisions of the state laws and regulations, and does not infringe the legitimate interests of the members of the alliance.BitCoins.Games AdOnce the terms of the agreement are changed,BitCoins.Games AdThe changes will be published on the web page. Once the revised cooperation agreement is published on a web page, it can effectively replace the original cooperation agreement. You can visit at any timeConsult the latest edition of the cooperation agreement. If the members of the alliance do not agree with the changes in the cooperation agreement, they can voluntarily withdrawBitCoins.Games Ad;若BitCoins.Games AdDo not receive a written notice from a member of the alliance to express its withdrawalBitCoins.Games AdIt is considered that the members of the alliance choose to continue to enjoy itBitCoins.Games AdThe service has accepted the change in the terms of the agreement and is bound by the terms of the post change agreement.

Nine. The application of the law
The terms of this Agreement shall be in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, members of the alliance andBitCoins.Games AdIt is agreed to accept the jurisdiction of the law of the People's Republic of China. When the terms of this cooperation agreement contradict with the laws of People's Republic of China, these provisions will be reinterpreted or reamended according to the law, while others are still right.BitCoins.Games AdAnd the members of the alliance have legal effect.

Ten, dispute resolution
All disputes relating to this cooperation agreement shall be settled amicably through negotiation. If negotiation fails, the dispute shall be submitted to the Beijing Arbitration Commission for arbitration. The arbitration result is final and binding upon both parties.

十一、BitCoins.Games AdMembers of the alliance are welcome to comment on or question the terms of the web service.
BitCoins.Games Ad The cooperation agreement will be perfected continuously according to the development of the website and the development of technology. Please send all the comments or questions related to this agreement to
For any violation of national law andBitCoins.Games AdThe corresponding management rules and infringement of the websiteBitCoins.Games AdThe act of the legitimate rights and interests of the website,BitCoins.Games AdThe right to hold its legal responsibility will be retained.