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About us
BitCoins.Games is a blockchain game distribution platform designed to combine blockchain technology with HTML5 games. Combining the two technologies to decentralize and socialize features creates a brand new gameplay of the blockchain game distribution platform.
Nearly 60 million overseas users and over 100 million overseas application partners.
At present, the platform will release more than 500 blockchain games that are easy to socialize and disseminate from its own 2000 titles.
Our values
      According to the new Internet advertising business, wireless WAP advertising, single / online business and SP wireless value-added services, with excellent website planning and operational experience, digital professionals, to provide high-quality, warm service to customers, through different business needs, complete the Internet advertising in different ways. It also established long-term strategic partnership with Baidu, Google, Sogou, and domestic web site navigation, providing users with integrated precision marketing services such as strategy, communication, navigation, search and mobile Internet advertising.
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Yue Tian times (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. Is a Hong Thai Fund (Yu Minhong and co sponsored by the Hittites) investment in the mobile Internet business, the company's main partners is the mobile Internet super APP, as a long-term partner of well-known App, lemeng advertising to provide professional, mobile phone games and H5 games buddy commercial quality solutions.