BitCoins.Games Ad

Our advantages

Focus on providing super APP traffic for HTML5 game platform and developers. Relying on big data accurate crowd analysis ability and massive high-quality advertising materials, advertising alliance provides the best quality commercial solutions for the majority of traffic providers through rich advertising styles. In May 2017, the average daily exposure of advertising alliance was 100 million

  • High return on income

    Advertising alliances do not participate in the Division

    Additional incentive reward feedback

  • Diverse forms of advertising

    Overlay the mainstream style

    Original original advertisement

  • Massive advertising resources

    Games, e-commerce, brands

    Cover all kinds of high quality advertisers

  • An intimate gold medal service

    Quick and accurate audit and settlement

    WeChat service enhanced experience

Advertising style

  • Banner Advertisement

    Show in the form of a banner

    Stable filling and revenue

  • Interstitial

    Half or full screen pop-up ads

    Good user experience

  • H5 Advertisement

    As part of the application

    A highly integrated ad style with App

  • The opening screen advertising

    Application opening time

    Full screen advertising